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TheoWorlds Builder v2
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TheoWorlds Builder SDK v2 is a kit that will help you develop online virtual worlds much faster, without starting from scratch. At its core it contains our original Theo Isometric Engine™ that lets you create pseudo-3D maps, place on them objects and characters, and organize the interaction between them.

With TheoWorlds Builder you can create online avatar chats, communities or games in a fraction of time!

TheoWorlds Builder comes with:

TheoWorlds Builder v2 evolved from our original Theo Isometric Engine, that we've been developing for 5 years. Many projects have been implemented since then using our TheoSDK v1 and TheoAvatar SDK v1.2 development kits.

Our new version is not just an upgrade, but a totally new engine. We rewrote every single line of code, redrew all the graphics, revised every single feature and added a great number of new ones. This all made TheoWorlds Builder much more powerful, flexible and expandable.

Check Theo Map Editor v2 - the map editing application that comes with our SDK.

Check Theo Chat v2 - first application developed using TheoWorlds Builder:

Theo Chat v2

TheoWorlds Builder SDK v2 features include:

  • 8-direction moving avatars
  • avatars customization
  • custom avatar actions (dancing and sitting are included)
  • fast path-finding algorithm
  •  new!  works with SmartFox Server or ElectroServer
  •  new!  tile-triggered character animations
  • complex collision detection with lag compensation
  • terrain elevation
  • larger-than-screen maps with auto-scrolling
  • objects layering and stacking
  •  new!  chat history
  •  new!  private messages
  •  new!  ban/kick moderator functions
  •  new!  emoticons (smiles)
We pay a lot of attention to details. This also applies to our graphics - we developed high-quality avatars, original landscapes with objects - all included in the release.

Our user interfaces are intuitive and beautifully designed. Your quick demo for a potential client or a final product will always look professional.

Make sure to check TheoChat v2 and Theo Map Editor v2 - both implemented using our Flash isometric engine (the sources are included in the SDK).

For more info contact us at:


  • Is there an upgrade price from v1?
    Yes, existing customers can get a 20% discount.

  • Is the source code available in the SDK? Is it expandable?
    Yes, all the sources will be included in the SDK. The code uses AS2 OOP and we did put a lot of thought in its structure and flexibility, based on everything we learned from v1.

  • Are there limitation to the license?
    You can use our SDK to create an unlimited number of projects for an unlimited time. You can not re-sell it or re-distribute for free the SDK (this doesn't apply to you own projects).

  • Does it support Flash 8?
    Yes, it does support Flash 8.

  • Does the engine support collision detection between avatars?
    Yes, we implemented a sophisticated collision detection algorithm that also auto-resolves conflict situations that happen when having a slow connection between clients. The collision detection can be turned on and off through settings.

  • What do I need in order to run TheoChat on my server?
    TheoChat uses SmartFox Server or ElectroServer as a socket server (purchased separately) - you will need to install it on your server. In the future more socket server types will be supported.

For more info contact us at:

Release info


TheoWorlds Builder SDK v2

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Demos (development stages)

TheoWorlds Builder demo#9

Demo#9. new!  Performance demo - multiple bots moving and talking on one screen with collision detection turned on.

TheoWorlds Builder demo#8

Demo#8. Custom character actions and tile-triggered animations!

TheoWorlds Builder demo#7

Demo#7. Theo MapEditor v2 is out!

TheoWorlds Builder demo#6

Demo#6. Theo Chat v2 is built using TheoWorlds Builder and demonstrates some of its possibilities.

TheoWorlds Builder demo#5

Demo#5. Runs two chats on the same window to show how users will interact. Internet lag compensation technique also demonstrated.

TheoWorlds Builder demo#4

Demo#4. Multiple rooms and sitting.

TheoWorlds Builder demo#3

Demo#3. Path finding, chatting and chat bots.

TheoWorlds Builder demo#2

Demo#2. New graphics and elevations.

TheoWorlds Builder demo#1

Demo#1. Collision detection, bots, furniture objects and map scroll.