Are you dealing with designs in your projects (websites, UIs, banners, logos, etc.)? Meet Firefly!

Firefly lets you share and discuss designs with your team. Upload your mockups or capture entire web pages and start adding annotations directly on top of your designs.

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{ 0 comments } is the next generation mind mapping and brainstorming tool.

It allows you to organize your ideas, plan your projects and connect different pieces of information into online visual maps.

Check the 2-min Video Introduction.

You can find more about it on website.


TheoWorlds MindMap. Demo#1.

December 7, 2010

We’ve been working for some time in our labs on a new project: a mind mapping, visual note taking application. We wanted to come out with a free-style mapping app, for connecting text nodes, images, files and pretty much anything else. What you can see now is the first preview.

In this demo, when you open the link, a new board will be created for you. It already has some stencils/nodes on it. Currently supported features:

  • text, images, files, events and maps stencils/nodes
  • Properties Panel for adjusting the stencil properties like background color, border thickness, text size, etc.
  • Navigator Panel for moving around big maps quickly
  • Redo/Undo functions
  • Clean/Center map
  • Quick Help section

Each map has its own unique web address that can be bookmarked and shared with other people. Feel free to play with this demo, create and share your maps and send us feedback to info [at] Make sure to subscribe to our newsletters on to get updates about this project development.

See TheoWorlds MindMap Demo #1 in action.


Valentine’s Day e-card!

February 8, 2010

It’s that time of the year again! Don’t forget to send an e-card to the people you love.

With our Valentine’s Day ecard you can decorate your own heart-shaped cake, customize your message and email it in seconds. No stamps required. Go to:
and create your own Valentine’s Day ecard.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Stratego, an interactive agency based in Jakarta, used our TheoAvatar SDK to build its online game called Ruma Maida:Ruma MaidThis game promotes the movie with the same name that was just released in Indonesia’s cinemas. The game’s story is loosely based on the movie, though comes up with different ending and point of view. Both stories in the game and movie came from the same message, that every building has history. We should understand that building’s history before we build/destroy that building.

This is just another example of how our isometric engine can be utilized to build interactive online games.

We recently released new version of our SDK called TheoWorlds Builder v2. It supports even more features, including terrain elevation, 8-direction charact movement, support of large maps and more. For additional information check our website.


TheoWorlds Builder v2 update!

September 22, 2009

TheoChat v2We just updated our TheoWorlds Builder v2 with new features:

  • ElectroServer support – now you can choose between SmartFox Server and ElectroServer socket servers
  • Chat history
  • Private messages
  • Ban/Kick moderator functions
  • Emoticons (smiles)
  • etc.

You can check the updated TheoChat v2 to see these features in action.

If you are interested in TheoWorlds Builder SDK v2, you can purchase it through our Online Store.


TheoLabs Demo#9We just released a new demo of our TheoWorlds Builder v2 (TheoSDK 2) – the next generation platform for building online games and 3D chat worlds. It’s a performance demo, showing 20 characters (bots) walking and talking on one map, with collision detection turned on – a typical busy chat room scenario.

Link to the demo: . Check the past blog posts for other updates on this project.

If you are interested in TheoWorlds Builder SDK v2, you can purchase it through our Online Store.


parkWe just added a new map to TheoChat v2 – the “Park”. It contains fountains to demonstrate animated map objects. Also make sure you check the updated “Disco”map for an example of animated map backgrounds.


Message On Sand ecard

May 1, 2009

Message On Sand ecardTheoWorlds created the Message On Sand custom ecard for Ohio’s Lake Erie Shores & Islands. Write your own message in virtual sand and email it to your friends and family!

Interested in ecards for your own website? Check out other ecards that are available for licensing right now!