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TheoAvatar SDK
Theo SDK | TheoAvatar SDK | TheoWorlds Builder v2

TheoAvatar SDK is a kit based on our original Theo Isometric Engine™ and it lets you create your own online avatar chats fast.

TheoAvatar SDK 1.2.2 includes:
Theo Avatar
Theo Avatar
Theo Avatar
Theo Avatar
Want to create a 3D chat or an online 3D community? The good news is that you don't have to re-invent the wheel. With TheoAvatar SDK you already get a working example of a fully functional avatar chat:
  • personal avatar customization
  • multiple rooms
  • public and private messages
  • chat history
  • emoticons
  • ban/kick moderator functions
  • bad language and message flooding control

TheoAvatar needs ElectroServer or SmartFoxServer socket server to be installed on the server in order to run. ElectroServer or SmartFoxServer should be purchased separately (both have a free 20-user demo available)..

ATTENTION SmartFoxServer users!
In order to run TheoAvatar 1.2.2 on SmartFoxServer, you will need to use 1.4.x version or lower. [ more info ].

TheoAvatar SDK was used by companies like Nickelodeon, Lego and IBM. Check the right section for featured projects.

If you have a potential client that needs a Flash chat - TheoAvatar SDK gives you the possibility to put together a quick demo in limited time, without investing initially a lot of resources.


  • Can I replace the graphics, like the maps or the characters?
    Yes, you can easily replace all the graphics - the documentation covers this subject.

  • Can I use vector graphics?
    Yes, you can use either bitmap or vector graphics.

  • Do I have to know ActionScript well in order to use the SDK?
    Depends what you want to do with it. If you just want to replace the graphics and re-skin it, you don't need AS knowledge. But if you plan to change the engine and add new features, you will need to know AS. Our SDK can serve you as a jump-starter for bigger projects.

  • How many characters or maps can I have?
    We don't limit the number of maps. The number of characters can be limited in socket server configuration, but our chat can support a big number of users in each room. You can see here a performance demo. The number of characters in all the rooms is unlimited.

  • What are the limitation of the licence?
    You can use our SDK to create an unlimited number of projects for an unlimited time. You can not re-sell it or re-distribute it for free.

  • Do you have a free trial available?
    No, since the SDK comes with the source code, we don't offer a free trial. But you can check the chat online and even run it on your server. Please contact us directly to find out more details about our SDKs.

  • When you have a new version of your SDK available, will the existing users get a discount?
    Yes, the existing users will receive a discount when purchasing v2 and will have access to the early beta.

For more info contact us at:

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Nickelodeon uses TheoAvatar SDK for building Nicktropolis online world. Theo Isometric Engine helps create virtual communities faster.

Lego City Builder

Lego uses TheoAvatar SDK for creating Lego City Builder.

Ranger Club

Wereld Natuur Fonds (Netherlands) uses TheoAvatar SDK for creating Ranger Club.