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Theoworlds e-cards for licensing

Trying to promote your website? Banners and cold e-mails are ineffective and can alienate users. Why not trying something unique, personizable and non-intrusive?

TheoWorlds e-cards provide a new level on online experience, enabling users to create truly unique greetings! Now you can license our e-cards for your own website and:
  • offer your users something original
  • attract more traffic
  • promote your organization and brand
  • collect newsletter subscribers
  • ...and spread the spirit of holidays
Halloween e-card
Halloween Virtual Pumpkin Carver

Carve a virtual pumpkin right in your browser, then email it to your friends and family.

Featured on CNN Headline Prime news.

Christmas e-Card
Christmas Virtual Gingerbread Cookie Decorator

An old tradition meeting with new technology - decorate a gingerbread cookie (multiple shapes available) using icing and various decor, then email it to your friends and family.

Valentine's Day e-Card
Valentine's Day Virtual Cake Decorator

Don't forget your loved ones on this day - decorate a heart-shaped cake, add your message and you have an original e-card!

Virtual Cake Decorator e-Card
Virtual Cake Decorator

The ultimate virtual cake decorator - over 30 decors, free-hand icing and even burning candles!

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and any other celebrations.

The setup is easy and it usually takes 2-3 days. The e-cards will be placed on your website and will not be connected to TheoWorlds.com. We will also provide you with a stats screen where you can track your e-card performance in real time.

The license cost is $499/year or $799 for unlimited time per e-card ($899 for two, $1299 fro three and $1699 for all four). We will send you the files and will also include:

  • FREE branding - we will place your logos, messages and links in the e-cards (additional customization services are available on request). Our logo and links will be removed from the e-cards.
  • FREE installation on your website - we will install the e-cards on your website or we will work with your coders on it.

Need a custom ecard? No problem! Just email us your ideas. Check our Message On Sand custom ecard created for Ohio's Lake Erie Shores & Islands.

All our e-cards won the Macromedia/Adobe Site of The Week awards:

Macromedia Site of The Day award Macromedia Site of The Day award Adobe Site of The Day award Adobe Site of The Day award Adobe Site of The Day award

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On the media

TheoWorlds.com featured on CNN news

Check this video - TheoWorlds.com Halloween Virtual Pumpkin e-card featured on CNN Headline Prime news.

Featured projects
Message On Sand
TheoWorlds creates the Message On Sand custom ecard for Ohio's Lake Erie Shores & Islands.

CitizenBank of Canada
Citizen Bank of Canada uses TheoWorlds Christmas e-card to promote its food drive and donates cash for every sent e-card.

MyYearBook.com Birthday eCard
Popular social networking platform MyYearBook.com uses Theoworlds Birthday e-card to help their users connect - 5.5 million ecards created so far! (Oct 2008).

Arkansas Children's Hospital
Arkansas Children's Hospital uses TheoWorlds Christmas e-card to spread the spirit of holidays.
InCostume.com online shop uses TheoWorlds Valentine's Day e-card to promote its brand and reach more potential customers

MyRecipe.com Christmas eCard
MyRecipes.com website uses TheoWorlds.com customized Christmas e-card on their website.